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Importance of Communication

“Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success.” – Paul J. Meyer

Communication is an important tool for an effective interaction. In Latin, it stands for ‘sharing’. As the meaning suggests, it is the process of sharing of information, ideas, thoughts, and fact from one person to another. It leads to the understanding of the words being said, expressed or written.

Communication is the foundation of the success of an individual or an organization. It won’t be wrong to say that impelling communication skills are mandatory in every field of profession. Thus, it is the measure of your growth. It encompasses oral, writing, reading and listening skills. Following reasons are the factors contributing to its importance:

Exchange of Information:

Exchange of Information - Importance of Communication


Communication helps in the exchange or passing of information through speech, writing or signs. It helps in the spreading of knowledge and facts. The information being shared should be easy to understand. A well-informed person can perform better than the person who is not well informed. Thus, communication skills facilitate the flow of information to improve the performance of an individual and overall organization.

Developing and maintaining the relationship

Relationship Maintenance - Importance of Communication


“Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing.”  Rollo May.

It is the universal truth that good communication skills help in building relationships and maintaining it for the long term. It is very necessary to establish relationships within the social sphere where we live and work. These relationships help us in many affairs and walk of life. Moreover, communication helps in developing mutual understanding.

It plays a key tool in the process of socializing or interacting with people. It bridges the gap between individual and groups by establishing an understanding between them. Therefore, it helps in bringing people of different nation, religion, and caste together.

Enhancing Negotiation skills

Negotiation Skills - Importance of Communication


Negotiation skills are an integral part of communication. Both are directly proportional to each other. If your communication is good then automatically your negotiation would be better. Negotiation is the part of our daily life and every space of work.

If your negotiation and convincing skills are strong then you can mold things in your favor. And get the things done easily for you. Sometimes, negotiating effectively can solve many of your problems. To master this skill, you need to have strong communication skills.

Expressing yourself

Express Yourself - Importance of Communication


To achieve your goals it is crucial that you are able to effectively convey your ideas, thoughts, and views. Communication skills enable you to amply express yourself with confidence. If you are unable to express yourself or voice your opinions then you will always be undervalued and henpecked. So, communication is the defining factor of how you conduct yourself in the eyes of the public.

Team Building

Team Building - Importance of Communication


Indeed communication is one of the important aspects of team building. It promotes understanding among team members that help in strengthening a bond which unites a team. Also, it builds trust and loyalty and reduces arguments.

It creates a friendly environment in the workplace which is necessary for a team to achieve their goals. Furthermore, it keeps a team motivated to work and succeed together. Hence, it increases the efficiency of teamwork.

Helping in the Decision-Making Process

Decision Making - Importance of Communication


Decision making is a significant function of any organization. Communication helps in better understanding and clarity of things that leads to proper judgment.

Since it helps in the transmission of information, you can analyze this information for decision making. Decision tends to be more accurate when a decision maker is communicative and well informed.

Infuses Leadership Qualities

Improve Leadership Qualities - Importance of Communication


“Communication is the Most Important Skill any Leader can possess”Richard Branson

This fact cannot be denied that a true leader has the capability to communicate effectively. Communication skill set can enhance your leadership qualities.

If you know how to communicate then you will always lead the others in every situation and the rest will follow your instructions. You can garner respect for yourself and entice a feeling of admiration. Thus, communication is the most important asset to be a successful leader. It is this quality that keeps you in the top notch.

Boosting Confidence and Attitude

Confidence Boost - Importance of Communication


You must have noticed, people with great communication skills are laden with confidence and a positive attitude. This gives charisma to their personality. It is a powerful weapon in boosting your confidence and self-esteem.

It instills an optimistic and enthralling attitude which blooms your persona and imprints everlasting impression on others. Besides, this skill raises your self-esteem and lets you face any situation.

Increasing Job Prospects

Increase Job Prospects - Importance of Communication


According to a survey presented at Annual Meeting of the Speech Communication Association by D.B Curtis: Communication skills are the most valued skills in “contemporary job market”. Therefore, this survey itself is the proof that this skill can land you in better job prospects. It increases opportunities for you.

In fact, there are many jobs like BPO, Public Relation (PR), HR, etc which are based on communication skills. With this skill, you can easily impress interviewee and crack your interview.

Beneficial for Business or Organization Growth

Business Growth - Importance of Communication


In the corporative world, it is communication that makes you ahead in the competition. For an organization or business, communicating with the customers is the key factor in building a good rapport with them.

All a customer wants is to be heard and understood by a company. If you are listening and responding to their queries with the means of effective communication, then it will ensure your growth. Hence, it is the major deciding factor in the growth of an organization.


So now we know why communication skills are necessary and why we should strive to acquire it. Its importance in our daily life cannot be undermined. We communicate every day with people. It doesn’t matter in which mode or in what ways we are communicating. Whether it is the verbal or non-verbal mode, all that matters is how effective our communication is. It should be powerful enough to produce a desirable outcome.

Communication is like an art that needs to be mastered by developing our skills. Join Talent Holic, your only stop by the place to enhance your soft skills. We offer a variety of programs which are designed to upgrade your overall personality to make you an achiever.

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