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Founded by Industry Veterans and directed by elite management Professionals, we are education and learning based company with extensive industry experience and expertise in Corporate training, Soft skills training, personality development training, Campus to Corporate industry ready training & Consultancy. Committed to the cause of individual & organizational development through practical approach through skill acquisition, behavior change & knowledge transfer.

What is Talent Holic Language Lab?

This curriculum helps you to specialize and improve your communication and writing skill for effective interactions. English being the global language serves as a bridge between people with different language & culture. Since its global presence, it acts as a medium for communication between people from different walks of life. Be it a business meeting, client dealing, cracking the interview, traveling to other countries, English fluency helps from your day to day activities to the accomplishment of larger goals. Being fluent in speaking & writing of English is not just a choice but has become a necessity in the globalized scenario. No matter what your level is, we evaluate & customized language programs suitable according to your level & needs.

Our courses are designed by industry experts, academician, and highly competent teachers/trainers. We cater to Corporate, College students and also conduct in-house customized modules for batches as well as individuals for academic proficiency. The comprehensive modules of our Talentholic Language Lab offer personality development training determined to groom your incumbent skills like interpersonal skills, public speaking skills, communication skills, behavioral skills, negotiation skills, decision-making skills, leadership skills, and presentation skills.

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Campus Program

Campus Program

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Behavioral Skills

Behavioral Skill determines how we conduct ourselves in Public. It is an interpersonal skill which ascertains our Social demeanor and our body language towards others. Many people think that this skill comes naturally to us but it is not true. We do need to learn this skill in order to make it better. Behaving as per social code is very important and it needs to be understood perfectly. In Talent Holic, we enhance your Behavioral skills.

Personality Development

We all are unique in our own ways, we all possess distinct personality traits. Your personality should be attractive, positive and enthusiastic to achieve your goals. But sometimes due to absence of the required personality quotient and lack of confidence, we tend to miss certain opportunities. Here we infuse your personality with confidence to give a boost to your persona.

Public Speaking

Public Speaking is a very important aspect of your personality. It defines the way you deal with people. You should be outspoken to express your ideas and thoughts. A great orator knows how to get things done in his favor. But not everyone possesses this quality. In Talent Holic, we improve your communication and Public speaking skills. We help you to come out of your shackle and bring forth the best in you.

Presentation Skills

Presentation skill is a prerequisite quality in any workplace. This skill quality can earn words of appreciation for you. Presenting yourself in an organized way in your workplace, meetings, presentations, group discussions, interviews, etc is very essential to deliver the best results and achieve success. Talent Holic develops your presentation skills to give an edge to your personality and more power to you.

Negotiation Convincing Skills

Negotiation Convincing skills means to be able to persuade others to believe in you and get your things done easily. Your convincing power should be strong in order to get what you want. This skill quality will always take you ahead in your life. You should have effective and interactive verbal communication skills. Talent Holic gives you an opportunity to sharpen your Negotiation convincing skills.

Placement Preparation

One of our USPs is that we provide 100% assistance in your placement. We make you job ready with our well-organized modules. We help you in your effective resume building. We also prepare and groom you to crack your interview. We prepare you as per industry requirement. We enhance your personality to lend an advantage to your assets. With our training programs, you also may get a hike in your pay scale.

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24/7 Support +91 - 783480 7770 | 71 | 72

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