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Industry Ready Training

We provide best personality development classes in Delhi to make you Industry ready

Our Solution Offering - Industry Ready Skill Program


Our well-tailored programs in conjunction with the industry parameters are structured to meet the current requirements and to make you industry ready. Talent Holic provides the best personality development classes in Delhi. We are dedicated to developing your soft skills desired by top industrialists that include communication skills, presentation skills, relationship building skills, interpersonal skills, management skills, decision-making skills, teamwork, and leadership skills.

Our industry-specific training programs are imparted to you by our faculty of industry experts through a practical approach to give you global exposure and competitive advantage.

Learn How Talent Holic Fits Your Business

Informed decisions. Exceptional results

Our strategists will help you set an objective and choose your tools, developing a plan that is custom-built for your business.


Professional Working Skills

We transmit required professional knowledge and skills related to your work field to make you more empowered and create employment for you.


Social skills

Apart from professional knowledge, we also instill other required skills like communication and social skills to increase your efficiency at work.


Job ready

Along with imparting valuable skills, we provide the best personality development classes in Delhi and groom your overall persona to make you job ready.



After the completion of program, you are ready to shine and achieve your goals. Our vision to make you industry ready and your vision to have a brighter future, both gets accomplished.

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What You Will Learn?

spoken-english Module 1:

Written & Spoken English

Grammar, Pronunciation, Fluency, Vocabulary, sentence formation etc.

personality Module 2:

Personality Creation

Corporate Sensitization, Public Speaking, Presentation Skills, Initiating Conversation.

behavioral Module 3:

Behavioral Skills & Personality Development

Most important but underestimated skill that not only affects the individual but its impact reflects on people associated both at personal & professional front. Attitude, ability, willingness are key attributes that can define a person’s interpersonal relationship and outlook towards life. During this training, we not only work on human philosophy but also cater to psychological aspects of human behavior pattern understand your pattern and work on the weak areas through easy self-practicing therapies. Motivation & Confidence, Leadership & Team Work, Individual Development Time & Stress Management, Self-management, Work life balance, Stress handling, Conflict resolution, handling difficult person/situation, Win-win attitude, Positive outlook, Empathy, Gratitude, Handling change & uncertainty, Relationship building. Join the best personality development classes in Delhi.

negotiation Module 4:

Negotiation & Convincing skills

Whether we like it or not negotiation & persuasion form an integral part of our daily life. Knowingly or unknowingly we end up negotiating & convincing people on different occasions. Something which is inevitable and plays such an important role in our life should not be simply ignored. We understand it’s a trait which needs to be honed and so we have crafted this tailor-made program with the expertise of industry experts who with their practical experience have mastered the art. Negotiation is an art, know your style, understand other person’s mindset, Element of persuasiveness & its uses, Convincing ability, Confidence, Subject expertise, Decision making Ability, effectively closing the deal, Closer note.

management Module 5:

Practical Management Knowledge

Functional Knowledge (Finance, Sales & Marketing, Strategy, Operations, IT, HR) Different Sectors Knowledge (FMCG, BFSI, procurement, Retail, Manufacturing etc.) Current Issues.

corporate-exp Module 6:

Corporate Exposure

Industrial Visits, Live Projects/ Competitions. Students with less/no prior work experience need to interact with the corporate to bring out their best. Live Projects give an opportunity to apply the concepts learned during the MBA to solve real-world problems.

placement Module 7:

Placement Preparation

Aptitude Test, CV & Statement of Purpose, Mock GD & Interview, Personal Counseling Sessions, Emailing Etiquettes

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24/7 Support +91 - 783480 7770 | 71 | 72

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Be Job Ready, With Talent Holic

We Make You Employable

At Talent Holic, we believe in empowering the youth by making them industry ready by polishing their competencies. To achieve this Talent Holic has devised a focused approach and experienced trainers. To lend an edge to your personality to strengthen it, we conduct best personality development classes in Delhi.

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